February 15, 2011

Ten Things Men Want in a Woman

I saw a post on a women's dating site titled something to the effect of, Ten Things Men Want in a Woman. It was allegedly written by a straight guy, and it listed qualities like "allure," "surprising laughter," and "wants to explore/travel."

To set the record straight, I've compiled my own list of Ten Things Men Want in a Woman:

1. Good looks.

That's it. There aren't nine other things.



  1. "Disease free" is an other thing.

  2. Before people go bananas about this, note that it's clearly a descriptive claim rather than a normative one. I wouldn't have expected people to miss that, but then again, I also wouldn't have expected someone to say that men are looking for "surprising laughter" and not mention decent appearance.

  3. Disease free and bi-pedal are preferred but not necessary... At least in this man's case.

  4. I was fairly certain you were just going to say, "a vagina." :)